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About Us

Truepoll.com is a social and peoples voice platform. By definition, you discuss, debate and vote on issues ranging from serious politics and governance to the light hearted entertainment and lifestyle. Users are empowered to discuss, make way for constructive debates and voice out their opinion.

Public opinion matters. Your voice matters. That's why we created Truepoll.com. We believe that everyone should have a say in the topics that matter most. We believe in the freedom of opinion and hold dear the belief that each individual’s vote should be counted and be available to all.

You read, you think, you click and we give you a platform to voice and share opinions in real-time through a public service open to all. Through your votes, we all gain real insight into what real people think. That insight is then shared with friends, strangers, brands, the media and the world.

Our real-time polls are one among the many tools we plan to launch to make people participate in sharing their opinions and learning about the opinions of tens of millions of otherson various issues. We are working on more tools like, real time surveys, and a discussion platform with a touch of playfullness and interactavity that will make ways for people, organizations, Institutions , government and brands to know what people think and want.

Let us know what you think of think of Truepoll.com and send in your feedback and suggestions to admin@truepoll.com

Discover. Vote. Discuss. Share and Influence.

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