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by truepoll 1 year ago, Society & Issues

Climate change has become a raging topic. How much of a critical threat is climate change to you?

Public opinion on climate change is multidimensional, dynamic, and differentiated. The multiple dimensions include, among others, beliefs about anthropogenic climate change, perceptions of climate change risks, concern about its seriousness, and thoughts on what, if anything, should be done to address it. Public opinion is dynamic, changing over time due to personal, social, political, economic, and environmental factors. Finally, public opinion is differentiated. A range of sociodemographic, political, cultural, economic, and environmental factors predict variation in climate change public opinion.

Climate change activists have made it a point to raise the issue at various important summits and involve all major decision makers from all industries. Some have gone to the extent of starting new political parties with climate change as their main agenda.

Climate change deniers too have their own arguments as how much of the human activities really lead to lead to change in climate. Some argue that changes in climate are natural and nothing that humans can interrupt and change. Some says the damage caused by human activities is very minimal compared to natural causes. Or even if there is a damage to nature, it is unavoidable as part of growth and development that humans aspire for.


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